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In the 15th century, Beard Fashion and Beauty Treatments in Northern Europe, upper-class ladies painfully pluck their hairline to make their forehead look taller, which was a sign of beauty at the time, and also scrape their hair back. As much as they could to wear elaborate headgear. Beard fashion and beauty treatments In Italy, the climate was much warmer and women could not wear detail headgear because they were too hot. Instead, Italian women show off their braid hair under jewel caps or low turbans. At that time, blonde hair was consider the most beautiful and many men and beard fashion and beauty treatments women try to lighten their hair by bleaching it with saffron or onion skin color. Italian women use to sit for hours in the sun wearing a crown-free hat to let the sun naturally bleach their hair. fashion style and trends

Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments styles for women at this time

In the 16th century, beard fashion and beauty treatments change. King Francis I accidentally burn his hair and start a tendency for men to wear their hair shorter, not only on the head but also on the face, leading to shorter beard and mustache styles. Queen Elizabeth was very influential in creating beard fashion and beauty treatments styles for women at this time. Her naturally pale skin and red hair were favore by women in the high society who wore large amounts of white powder and red wigs that fit. The best way to create this look was by using ceruse, also known as white lead. Lead-base blush would also be use to add a touch of red to the cheeks, and alabaster pencils would also be apply to lips, beard fashion and beauty treatments eyebrows and even blue veins.

Beard fashion and powder wigs.

To keep it all together, egg white paste was paint over the entire portrait that a woman had create on her face; unfortunately, all lead use cause skin damage, hair loss and often death from lead poisoning. The 18th century saw another change in style. Men began wearing long wigs in powder form tie around the neck and beard fashion and beauty treatments wrapper in a black silk bag, although a simple black bow was also acceptable. Some men wore their own hair this way, though they would have been out of place with a group of other men who had mostly worn beard fashion and beauty treatments powder wigs.

Beauty treatments bows and wreaths.

For women, the 18th century feature some of the greatest headgear and hairstyles ever known. Women’s hair was trim, cruel or curly and powder and adorne with beard fashion and beauty treatments bows and wreaths.  Later, hairstyles were built on a woman’s head using horse cushions and wire cages, all of which were stiffen to make her stand tall. Some hairstyles were three feet high and use springs to adjust the height if a woman found out she need to get in through a low door. These beard fashion and beauty treatments hairstyles took hours to prepare and require work to do again every three weeks, during which time they were likely to attract pests. In a beard fashion and beauty treatments mark movement towards this formality, the herisson hairstyle was born, which was only a thick mass of hair on the head.

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